How it works

How The System Works

image of tracking pinThe Tracking Pin

Once we have set up a client account, we publish some specifically named creatives for you to use. These include a piece of code – the tracking pin – which is published alongside your advert in any chosen publisher’s site, which in turn tells us how many times the advert has been shown, and which page on the publishers site displayed it.

The Advert images themselves can be published from our server, or can be local to the publishers site. As long as the tracking pin is in there as well, we can measure the number of impressions.

Can I also see how many times an advert has been clicked?

Indeed you can.

image of touchdown iconIntroducing “Touchdown”

Touchdown is the part of our solution where we create a page that gathers the information that someone has clicked the advert, before instantly and seamlessly passing them through to the intended website or page that contains the details of the advertised offer.

Touchdown can be configured in 3 different ways:

  • Instant pass-through – where the page isn’t visible to the visitor, they just see the final landing page
  • Informed pass-through – where the page displays a message before the final landing page, or
  • Contained campaign – the touchdown page displays the offer instead of redirecting the visitor

The Informed pass-through and Contained campaign options are useful, for example, where the advertiser doesn’t have a mobile-friendly site, or the ability to provide a page with the relevant offer details. Our Touchdown landing pages can be branded and customised to suit.

Advert Creation