Advert Creation

Advert Creatives

We can help you create banner adverts of various types and sizes to suit your campaign.

There are a set of standard sizes recommended for publishing web adverts, for example 468×60 pixels is a standard banner advert for PC display, and 300×50 pixels will be the main banner standard size for mobiles. Some examples are shown below:

image of your business advert animated leaderboard
728×90 pixel leaderboard

image of animated 468x60 pixel banner
468×60 pixel banner (PC)

image of 300x50 pixel animated banner
300×50 pixel banner (mobile)

Animated GIFs for cross-platform performance

Given the uptake in mobiles and tablets, we recommend using the animated GIF file format to publish animated images, as these have proved to be the most effective for displaying well on all devices. You can achieve some engaging results without running the same risk associated with Flash or HTML animation where they may not display as well across all devices.

What size should my advert be?

There are a variety of web standard sizes, including buttons, banners, leaderboards, skyscrapers and vertical banners. You can read a Wikipedia article on these here, but the important thing is to have the correct size to fit with the publisher’s specifications.

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