WP Foundry Online Advertising Manager

A clever solution to measure the performance of online advertising campaigns

WP Foundry allows you to run banner and text advertising in ANY site (not just WordPress), and measure the number of impressions (views) and click-throughs (visits) that each advert generates.

A solution for advertisers, a solution for publishers

Whether you are an advertiser looking to check the performance of your adverts, or a publisher looking to include client adverts on one or more of your sites, WP Foundry can help you keep track of how adverts perform.

No need for special software

Unlike many systems, WP Foundry doesn’t require any special software to be deployed in your site. All you need is one single line of code which goes alongside your advert, wherever you want to track the number of impressions.

Looking for Pay Per Click? No Problem

If your campaign is more about clicks than impressions then WP Foundry can manage the tracking without the advertiser’s site needing any code to be inserted – keeping it simple for all concerned.

Want to advertise but don’t have access to a website? We can help

If you are an advertiser looking to promote an offer to an online audience, it may be you don’t have access to a site, or even own a website, but no problem.
a landing page or a website to get you up and running online

We can manage a landing page for you within our system, branded to suit, and provide you access so you can change your message from time to time to suit your ongoing needs.

Alternatively, we can build a website for you – anything from a simple single page site to a fully featured solution, contact us for more information on your options.

READ ON for more details on how our system works and our advert creation capabilities.

How it works